Stone Surgeries

Minimal Access stone surgeries at Shyam urosurgical Hospital:

Flexible Ureteroscopy (RIRS)

  • For the stone up to 2 cm in size
  • For Multiple small stones in the kidney
  • For stone in the patient on anticoagulants
  • For stones in the solitary Kidney

PCNL(Per-Cutaneous Nephrolithotomy)

  • For large and staghorn stone in kidney

ESWL(Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy)

  • For the stones up to 1.5 cm size in the Kidney and upper Ureter
  • We also have Mobile Lithotripsy Van to cater the need of patients in the small cities and rural areas.

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Dr.Sabyasachi Panda has over 10 years of experience in field of urology. Currently he is working as Assistant Professor in the department of urology & renal transplantation at SCB Medical College, cuttack.

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Clinic Address:- Anantram Memorial, Cuttack Nursing Home, Mirkamalpatna, Mangalabag, Cuttack,753007.
Phone:- 070-64111444

Stone Surgeries

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